Yukki webzine

Hailing from Italy, Balatonizer are taking steps to mature grindcore that may not be as evident as those that other bands have already taken, but there are quite a few firsts here. The band cram thirty-two tracks into the space of twenty-five minutes, and most of the cuts last less than one minute. This is the standard formula for a grindcore album as the music ranges from brutal to more brutal, with plenty of blast beats and double bass fueling the material. Setting this apart from other grindcore bands is heavy death metal riffing mixed with dissonant playing and other subtle tricks. While the sheer velocity in these songs come from programmed percussion, the energy thrown into them demonstrates a pathological, almost inhuman endurance and dexterity on the band's part. Some of these tracks even feature keyboards. The band are currently in the process of building a new website; meantime you can read of them at www.devildollrecords.com.

By Dave Wolff