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Balatonizer - Occlused in Ottusity
By Dr. Abner Mality 

Ottusity? That's a word? Not that I can see. I looked it up and drew a blank. "Balatonizer" is another one I couldn't find."Occlused" I did find...it means "closed". So I got no idea what any of it means. One thing I do know, though, is that Balatonizer has vomited up about 25 minutes of butt-ugly grindcore. This is an oddly entertaining trio of Italians fascinated with organized crime, Satan and porn...or so I would guess. I had to laugh at the mini-comic book that accompanied the CD...reminded me of the old movie tagline "they weren't born, they were kicked out of HELL!" Balatonizer don't take themselves terribly seriously, it seems. There are no less than 32 tracks on this platter...to examine them all would be the height of folly. Instead, let's just say the the production is crude but effective, the songwriting insanely fast but with just enough variety to avoid total monotony and the vocals sound like every last bit of mucous has been hacked up out of the singer's decrepit lungs. The song titles are almost more entertaining than the tracks themselves..."Abominations of Triviality", "Scacciatiesta", "Microscopic Brain", "Ottenebrated Perserveration Through Mental Disorder", " Se So Sa", "Anal by Anal"...nonstop hilarity there. Though nowhere near as good as Nasum (Mieszko, R.I.P.) or the godly Siege of Hate, Balatonizer is still a worthy addition to the world of grindcore. You get the impression they are as happy as pigs in slop to thrash out this hellish noise.