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Balatonizer from Italy remind me of three bands: Nasum, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary. Nasum because of the music which is pure fuckin' Grindcore, sometimes technical, but mostly a full speed ahead blast. Cannibal Corpse because of the vocals that could be described as a mixture of Chris Barnes and George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher. And finally Obituary because Balatonizer don't have lyrics. Instead, the singer just growls and screams something that fits to the music. Even though I never was that much into Grindcore - apart from Terrorizer/Nausea (gods!), early Carcass, early Napalm Death, Repulsion (gods!!) and the aforementioned Nasum - I think these 32 songs (playing time 25 minutes, any questions?) are pretty cool and can easily compete with their international Grindcore colleagues. "Scacciatieista" contains a soundtrack sample from my favourite movie ever, "The good, the bad and the ugly" and this is reason enough for me to like this record. Balatonizer don't have a drummer, but the guitarist Marco is respnsible for the drum programming, and this turns out surprisingly well. In most cases you can easily hear that a drum computer is at work, but not here. Enough said, every Grindhead should pick up this record. I only wonder that I didn't hear from this band earlier as they were already formed way back in 1997... By the way, "Occlused in Ottusity" was released back in 2003, but as Mario send me the record a couple of weeks ago I don't have a problem with reviewing it anyway. Comes with a bonus video clip which is pretty professional.

By Stefan