Trend Crusher webzine

32 tracks of non-relenting grind metal & 1 video track! This is a 3 man wrecking crew with the help of a drum machine! but of course you know there is a much difference in drum machines now that you can't really distinguish it from humans! Expect brain dredging grind of, well, by the titles, they seems to smear themselves with the cesspool of man's life, brutal, gore,  perversion & probably more! Some of the track titles are 'Brutal devastation, 'cerebral regression', 'putrification of the mind' 'anal by anal'. Some added touches of Italian film samplings which are really nice to hear 'coz you feel alienated yet as if you know what it is about. With these musick, expect guttural non-decipherable vocals! Not just one!! And the last audio an experimental-indus-electro thing!
The Video- this is a music video of the 2nd track titled "Muscular Prevarication", looks like taken from a recording studio. Nice shot & image manipulation & editing looks very pro!