Tombstone webzine

This is the debut full length by this Italian band and their music can be described by two words: Grind Core. They are playing pure Grind and you know what that means. It is as brutal as it gets, the vocalist is constantly growling (and I hate these kind of vocals since you can never understand a word and it takes very little talent to do them), the drum machine is programmed to play at maximum speed and the guitar player is just delivering riffs at full speed. The songs are very short, there are some 32 songs in the album, and there are songs where they are trying to play technical but I don’t think that it is working very good for them. The production of the album could be a lot better since sometimes you only get to hear noise instead of music and their grind needed a much cleaner production than the one they have. Finally we have to add that there’s a video clip included in the album as a bonus.

Rate: 5,5/10