The Great Nothing webzine

Long Beach’s Dark Reign/Devil Doll Records brings the fairly successful “vulgar death grind” band to the states with this album, their full length debut. As far as grindcore goes these guys are a great band. Their music digs much deeper than almost any grindcore band I have ever heard and they quite possibly have the sickest guitar tones on the planet. Unfortunately that’s what bothers me the most about this album as well. The band rips through grindcore song after grindcore song and it seems as if they are wasting their talent. The songs all blend together (typical of grindcore) in their brutality. The album also includes a video clip that is very professional looking and a nice chance to see the band in action.
Don’t get me wrong, this band is loaded with talent, I’d love to see them branch out and take on the rest of the extreme metal world because I bet they could rule it. As the saying goes though, “Play what you love” and apparently these guys love grindcore. Fans of Summon, Birdflesh, Drawn & Quartered and the like will dig these guys.

Key Tracks: “Brutal Devastation”

Reviewed by: Mark Fisher