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A splendid effort all round this album from Italy's Balatonizer contains 32 tracks of glorius grindcore mayhem and an enhanced video extra packaged in some truly wicked artwork.
Previously an unkown quantity to myself Balatonizer deal in a brutal, heads down slew of frantic rhythms, vicous riffs and gutteral, stomach pit vocal noises. This seemingly standard recipe is then sprinkled with wicked mafia and western film samples which lend a briliant depth and atmosphere to the band's main onslaught.
Blasting by all 32 tracks in a ridiculously short time, the band take your head off and make a clean getaway all in the blink of an eye. Savage cuts like the dense bass of 'Macabrotic Poetry' and the manic squeal-batter-squeal guitar work of 'Microscopic Brain' prove this inventive three piece can truly stand out in an oft saturated and formulaic genre.
An awesome and blistering disc of music 'Occlused In Ottusity' is the best surprise I've had recently and despite it's levels of insane volume and density is also one of the most listenable releases to fly out of the Skratch The Surface speakers amidst a deluge of sound a like punk and emo shit recently. This band has character, lots of character and it's a wonderful thing.
Balatonizer then, my new favourite band, now how do I get a T-Shirt....

Rate: 5/5