Hailing from Italy, Balatonizer brings Gore Death Grind to the table with a little wine and cheese. Blessed is the brutal. If this is a true statement than Mario Musumeci (vox), Marco Failla (guitar/programming), and Rodan Di Maria (bass), are truly blessed. With this release they show what brutality is. Aggressive guitar playing with an array of blast beats from a machine that keeps your head swimming. In true death metal fashion songs are short and to the point. If you can tell what point they are trying to make that is with song titles such as “Corporal Usurpation” and Ciccio Tagliavia or maybe my favorite “Ottenebrated Perseveration through Mental Disorder”. The song titles alone sound somewhat brutal, with published inspirations and thanks going out to George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher and Alfredo Li Bassi you know that they are not afraid to push the cookie monster envelope.

This disk does have a lot of downsides to it however. For example what the hell is up with the 17 second song called Anfame which is just a sound byte of some gibberish in Latin or Italian or some other language. Why make it stand by itself, when they could have just incorporated it into the next song CEP? The longest song on this disk clocks in at a whooping 1.27 and is called Tristeza. Song after song after sound byte, it all tended to blend together and it’s really hard to hear a definite change between them. Same tempo same grunts and same blast beats. After listening to all 32 tracks I came away feeling somewhat confused and yet violated. There is a video for one of the short yet sweet Muscular Prevarication on this cd. Yet another downside to this is that the drums are not played by a human but by a computer. Marco programmed the drums, which are done well, but I would still prefer to listen to a human do them. They are not done overly complicated, and I have heard faster. I am not sure why they choose to program them rather than get a person to play them.

Let’s turn our attention to the print now. On the front we see pigs and the cartoonish drawings of the band members. Open the sleeve and you are slammed with a comic that shows our 3 overweight and dumpy hero’s wandering a wasteland. They see a cave and decide to go into it where they run across a demon. Instead of running away they throw the horns up and raised fists. The demon delighted by the attention and praise casts a spell on our heroes changing them from the dumpy and worthless, to a bunch of buffed out ass kickers. On the last page we see our heroes in a town sitting covered in blood and various body parts and people screaming. Of course there are the pigs again, but they seem to be the only ones not being pulled apart. Finally you get a real picture of the three and it’s the typical angry look of death metal players. One is funny however he seems to be far gone in the picture.

I am going to score it 2 ˝ stars out of 5 total. This is due to the lack of variety in their riffs and song structure. It is pretty aggressive which I liked but pretty monotonous. I would like to see this band develop and try to change up the songs so that the listener can tell the difference between them.

By Eric Feller