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A drum computer programmed to act like an M-60, guttural vocals that vomit their message in sync with the beats and guitars that manage to keep up with the pace, spitting low-tuned riffs into your inner ear: that’s Balatonizer in a nutshell.
These Italians are death metal and grindcore lovers and combine these two extreme audio abominations into a sick piece of eardrum-ravaging metal. It’s not entirely original or groundbreaking but when it is done with such vigor, I cannot help but listen to it again and again.
The sound is thick and filthy; the drum computer is programmed with skill so that it is an addition to the sound rather than a poor substitute for a real drummer and the samples from Italian horror movies are interesting and sinister
32 tracks in little more than 25 minutes no holds barred death/grind; a video of the track “Muscular Prevarication” and a funny comic book-style cover and booklet. ‘Nuff said.

Rate: 7.5/10
By Roy