My Last Chapter webzine

After a mesmerizing intro you’re fucking chopped up into tiny bits of bloody human chunks, and thrown into the meatgrinder called Balatonizer.
The first thing I actually came to think of was Mortician... And I prepared myself for 25+ minutes of some of the most down tuned death metal imaginable... But after a few songs I quickly came to reason, this is no Mortician rip off, this is fucking grindcore man! It was the low, low, low vocals and pummelling drum machine that set me off course, but now I'm back on track and preparing myself for drum machine deathgrind... But do not brush this off as another crappy grind band that can't grind for themselves and not even write a decent riff to save their lives; this is some fucking heavy shit. These are some heavy and metallic riffs, really fucking great string-work! Combined with pulverizing mangle from the drums, although programmed I don’t give a fuck, it’s just murderous… And on top of it all, as I said, very low growling.
These Italians manage to pull of 31 songs plus 1 intro in less than 26 minutes. And it doesn’t sound like they just couldn’t write longer songs with the same quality. It’s easily detected that if they just wanted to they could by all means do longer songs, as all the riffs here are top notch. This is just a feast on great riffs! And to stand out a bit of the crowd, Balatonizer occasionally uses some synthesizer or something. I’m not sure what it is, but it sounds really cool!
Unfortunately no lyrics are included, but the booklet contains a very cool comic with the three band- members as characters. Though, the reason for the booklet to contain no lyrics, are the fact that they apparently have non! That’s what the promo-sheet says. They thank the Cannibal Corpse vocalist Corpsegrinder for inspiration, they’ve put a cool video to the Muscular Prevarication on the CD… And the music rips! What the fuck else do you need? For fans of Mortician, Dying Fetus and the likes.

By Kristoffer