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Do you like Mortician, Exulceration, Nasum and similar bands? then this it is the correct band for you... Arghh a long time ago didn't listen band of this type. Balatonizer broke my brain immediately! Death Grind Gore until the bones, pure illness, pure brutality. I never thought that Italy had so good exponents in this style, but here we have them; each track has an average of 1 minute, each one with the same power and intensity. The disc also includes a brutal video clip of the "Muscular Prevarication" song.
The booklet/artwork is very amusing, it narrates a humorous comic of the members of the band with the lord of hell, and then themselves takes charge of beheading to a whole town .
Advisable for the lovers of the most extreme metal..

Rating: 7.5/10
By Saqrangel