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Balatonizer was formed in 1997 in Italy. They released two demos and one EP and now they are going to release a full-length alum entitled "Occlused In Ottusity". I had the opportunity of doing a review of their album "Occlused In Ottusity" and here you have it.
Balatonizer is a trio composed of a singer, guitar player, bass player and a drum machine. These guys also use samples taken from movies, Mortician was the first band that popped into my head. Unlike Mortician, Balatonizer uses samples from mafia and Italian cult movies from the 70's. I thought they were going to sound like so many other bands do but I was wrong. They have their own style and it's very brutal! Every song is packed with ultra fast drums, brutal vocals and insane guitars. Their tracks have a max length of one minute and believe me, they are packed with as much brutality and insanity that you cram into one minute.
I liked pretty much liked everything on this cd, every track is filled with everything a death/grind fan wants to hear. The tracks that I really liked were "Muscular Prevarication", "Ciamme", "Diabolos" and "Pulverization After Intimidation". There are 32 tracks and video clip for the track "Muscular Prevarication". The video was recorded in a studio or in their rehearsal space. I thought the first part was pretty funny, the video is black & white but the quality is amazing and so is the sound. The other thing I really liked was their cd booklet. It's like a comic book story featuring the members of Balatonizer. They're walking in a forest and they go into this cave, to their surprise they meet none other than a Satan like demon. This Demon gives them strength and muscles and then kicks them out of his cave. Afterwards they go into the city and start killing everyone in their sight, a real massacre.
I really like their style and even though they don't sound anything like Mortician, I would recommend this cd to all fans of aggressive and brutal death/grind.

Rate: 4.5/5
By Brian