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When I first placed this album in my CD player, it really surprised me. This might have something to do with my relative inexperience with pure death, grind, gore and other similar styles of extreme metal, or the fact that this is just a very good album. At first I struggled with this sound, however, this was very short-lived when I really listened to what was going on, hearing the intricate nature of this brutally heavy sound.
Balatonizer are an Italian trio who have been hanging around the scene since 1997 and ‘Occlused in Ottusity’ is a full-length release featuring thirty-two songs, each within the one-minute boundary. Each song pile drives straight into a riff with programmed drumming and a death growl that instead of communicating lyrically actually forms another instrumental sound. Bookmaking most of the tracks are sound bites and clips from Italian mafia and cult films from the 70’s.
As somebody who has never really been into this style of utterly brutal music, Balatonizer has sparked some unexpected interest. Not only for the quality within, but also because it might have opened my eyes and ears towards this sound which can be very difficult to appreciate. This is brutal death metal that is rife with great riffs and energy. However, due to the extreme nature of the sound, this would not suit most tastes. If death, grind, and gore metal is your thing then you couldn’t really go wrong with this.

Rate: 6,5/10
By Stephen Holder