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Balatonizer’s first full length release, "Occlused In Ottusity", deals with gore / brutal Death Metal enriched with elements of goregrind. They come from Italy and they love beautiful things like poetry, unique flowers and offer you advice on how to garden your back yard! No, I am just kidding, man! What you are about to find here is brutal, intense Death Metal with no chance of finding any melodies or stuff like that in it.
Their resemblance with Cannibal Corpse is quite obvious though these Italians play with more street feeling to it. They sometimes remind me of Mortician but they have a more brutal intensity. Mix that with early Pungent Stench, and the final result would sound a little something like Balatonizer.
All the songs here are very short in duration which you may find interesting or you may not. If you are into intense Metal, Balatonizer will be your eternal friends but if you are looking for a different, strong structure or more melody, move quickly away from here, man! The guitar and bass even though they are very brutal and fierce, have sometimes a more technical touch. The vocals are quite dry and the production is kind of blurry and muddy. The duration of the album is only 25:21 in length. You will also have the opportunity to watch their video of "Muscular Prevarication". Added to that are some Italian movie samples in the songs, just to spice things a bit. Brutal speed is what Balatonizer seem to be best at.
If you wanna check out something different than the average Death Metal grindcore stuff, Balatonizer may be your band!


By Orpheus