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Balatonizer is a grindcore/deathmetalband from Palermo, Italy and was formed in 1997. In the beginning the band played pure grindcore but during the years, they also mixed it with a lot of deathmetal elements. This is the bands first full length album and it contains 32(!) songs and 1 videoclip (for the song 'Muscular Prevarication'). The band name bands like; Cannibal Corpse, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Vomitory, etc, as their main influences. This album contains a mix of grindcore/deathmetal that does not sound original but is performed very well. This is not really my kind of music and does also not belong to my target group but for the variation it is always funny to review this kind of bands. The band doesnt have any songtexts (like Obituary on their debut 'Slowly we Rot") but " the only semblance of message that we want to transmit is totally expressed in the wonderfull comic artwork, drawned by drummer Marco" according to their biography. Well, i have to admit; The artwork is faboulous!! Compliments! This album has a running time of nearly 30 minutes (not bad for 32 songs…). If you're into grindcore with the already mentioned deathmetal parts, just check this band out.
By Mario