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They describe themselves as vulgar death grind, and I think they didn't have any possibility to come up with a better description. I always like to go to the borders of extremity concerning music, but it has to be quality and I was definitely surprised when I heard this band for the first time. Mostly when bands play such hard and fast music the mix becomes blurry and there's no whole anymore, but Balatonizer has the capacity to give every instrument the space it needs without making it boring and empty. This is probably easier when you work with a drumcomputer instead of a real drummer as they do. But I'm a fan of drumcomputers when they're used well, and this band isn't afraid to discover the capacities of the machine and even uses some beats that you would never associate with death or grind music. The music contains everything to make a cd of this calibre outbalanced; you really have to expect everything, from old school death metal riffs over modern grindcore, creepy samples (I'm happy they didn't use them too much) and even noises you can't place. What I especially like about Balatonizer is that the singer really uses his voice as an instrument and has no intention at all to spread any content with this band. He just grunts and I think it's funny as hell to see these guys performing live. The only way they spread some message with is with the comic in the booklet, and I can say it's cool, because it's so ridiculous and they make fun of the whole metal scene in it. It starts with the band entering a cave where they find Satan, Satan gives them enormous powers and at the end they use these powers to slay innocent people in the streets. This artwork is very well done and looks really professional. If you like some extreme music you get 32 tracks of heavy grinding and 1 video in only a little bit more of 25 minutes. For fans of extreme music like Gorgasm or Cattle Decapitation.

By Michiel