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Balatonizer is an Italian band, which was formed in 1997. The band consists of three guys and they are all playing in ultra fast speed their grindcore music! The album is brutal, aggressive, violent and hellish! The vocalist (Mario Musumeci) sings so brutal that you will understand nothing of what he says. On the other hand, I don’t think there are any lyrics at all, because the vocalist sounds like he is screaming and growling only! The guitars (Marco Failla) are very fast and sound like the typical grindcore guitars... The rhythm section consists only from Rodan Di Maria (bass), because Marco Failla has programmed the drums. Marco has also done the artwork and has illustrated the booklet with comic faces that are very good! The album includes 32 tracks and only 6 of them last over one minute. Apart from this, many of the tracks start with some samplers (which sound like movie samplers), so you can understand that most of the tracks contain about 40 seconds of music, but believe me this is enough time for these guys to unleash their anger! The fans of the true grindcore music and those who love bands like Deicide, Napalm Death, and Suffocation etc. should get this album as soon as possible! The rest of you, better stay away because you will be shocked by their brutality! I’m not the most appropriate person in the world to rate such an album, so the final rate and decision is, as always, up to you.

By G.K.