32 songs in 25 minutes, that must be grindcore and yes it is.
Balatonizer consists of three man and they play bass, guitar or handle the growls. No drummer included so the drum-machine does the work.
The songs are short and brutal as fuck. The grunt completes this madness. The song titles are typically goregrind although some titles are also in Italian.
Italian? Yes, these guys are from Italia. I never knew people from over there like to make a mix of Regurgitate and Aghoraphobic Nosebleed.
They play their stuff well but it doesn't give you a hard dick (to speak in goregrind terms). For the computerguys there is a video added wicho only lasts for less than one minute. After that minute you could view the comic style artwork. On the front you see the dudes from Balatonizer between pigs and in the booklet they are searching for Satan but when they find him they were kicked out. Maybe they should try and play Black Metal next time.

Rating: 3/5