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Funny name, cover full of pigs, 32 songs, filtry titles of songs, drum
machina, Italy….I expected some shitty stuff – some stupid gore/porono
grind. But I was really suprised at the end. Musicaly it is quite succesfull death/grind massacre, which is „head and foot“ and even very edgy and clear sound! Only thatīs pity of drum machina, with live drummer it can be more better stuff! Also a little mind to me, there are so many songs which is have only about 1 minute time, so I listen some really good riff and when I expect unwrapping the theme, but very soon is the end of the song. But we find here really cool guitars and brutal vocals, itīs very high italian above-average - I can say that BALATONIZER is italian MORTICIAN (which is influenced by drum machine and brutality). As bonus is very funny comics in booklet, I like it, cause guys take their music with humour. Ask for this interest stuff!