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Holy fuckin shit boys and girls we’s gots us some vulgar death grind from Palermo Italy with Balatonizer “Occlused in Ottusity.” This could possible be the fastest music in the world. If it were any faster it would just be static. At times it consumes all the ranges on my eq sending the stereo into cardiac arrest. Balatonizer’s OiO is a continuous rain of rifferama and devastating drumming in a no breath sequence, all mixed with various samples taken from mafia movies and Italian cult movies of the 70’s. Along with this cd, a video and a fully colored comic of the band in some crazy death grind adventure was also included. If you like brutal shit like Decide, Vomitory, and Sufferocation than you’ll love what Balatonizer and their drum machine programmers do on 33 tracks of blistering vulgar death grind.