Italian grindcore act Cripple Bastards are easily one of my favourite bands ever to storm out of the countrythat gave us Pizza and the Pope. On par with them,though a lot never to the scene,is Balatonizer,a punishing and extremely chaotic trio-singer Mario Musumeci,guitarist/programmer Marco Failla,and bassist Rodan Di Maria-that brutalize us with a horrifying swirl of grinding intensity on their This Dark Reign debut"Occlused in Ottusity."

1. While there is a strong italian metal scene,most of it(at least from the North American perspective)is made up of power metal music from the likes of Labyrinth and Rhapsody. What can Musumeci tell us about the current music scene there?
The power metal scene in Italy has surely seen a lot of success over the last few years, thanks to a lot of press strong label support, but that really doesn't interest us", he says. "The brutal music scene that we are a part of has been delegated to a somewhat sterile scene where not much can happen because no one really has the support.A lot of the bands from this scene make efforts to get noticed outside of Italy in Germany and other parts of Europe. In Italy it's very difficult to find the right channels to promote a band of this genre and get noticed." He adds, "I admire all of the brutal italian bands that still continue to promote their projects without giving up. There is a lot going on in the music scene right now in Italy so hopefully sometimes soon things will improve for bands like us. Until then, we must carry on and make the best of it.
2. The album-32 tracks in 25 minutes-is short and to the point.What kind of rection do you expect people to have from your music?
Yes, we wouldn't have had it any other way. One-minute max per song so that we could put out some brutally fast music. This is like 25 minutes of pure insanity, a sonic earthquake that sets everything in motion, destroying everything in its path as we all headbang in unison. We are convinced that people who hear our album will be drown into the madness. We want them to feel a real ferocity and aggressiveness. What we want to comunicate is an exciting sound that gives off the feeling and sense that this is something primordial and that only beast like us may feel.
3. Increasingly common practice in today's music scene.How important is this tecnology to bring your idwas to life?
The enormous developing in affordable audio technology of the last years is giving great opportunities to everyone is involved in every music creation process. You can have more control now! We can have a pretty trustworthy vision of the impact we are going to deserve with every Balatonizer track just from the beginning of the composition stage. We are able to immediately change everything...years ago we was able to notice some kind of arrangements defects only after spending a lot of time and money in professional recording studios. Now we utilize computers to try various arrangement solutions on every single riff before to proceed any further. All in all our is a true musical research...but, unlike in experimental music, our research's aim is only and even to pulverize everything. I think we could work without programming and samples...provided that we found a really fast drummer! Obviously each of us is able to correctly play Balatonizer's parts on his own instrument. In the beginning (...and for years) Balatonizer was a 5 pieces with a second singer and a human drummer. After trying several drummers we started to experiment with an old drum machine. To the beginning it only was an expedient...but as time was going on we founded out our own musical dimension with it. I think now it's a sort of Balatonizer's trademark! We started to sickly increasing our tracks's tempo becouse we don't care if a human drummer can andle with it or not: our only interest is to deserve the most violent music possible!
4. And what about the influence that helped shape Balatonizer?
There were many bands that influenced our trip during our long activity. Founders like Cannibal Corpse, Decide, Suffocation, Death, Brutal Truth, Pestilence, Napalm Death, Mlevolent creation, Vomitory, etc...and more recent like Nile, Mortician, Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Sinister, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, etc...but would be reductive to make a so short list for the fact that there are many other bands that meant a lot for us. We had spent many beautiful years closed in our lair listening to everything existing of Death, Grind, Black, Crust planet.
This bands gave us great emotions that we consider the most important thing in the music.
5. Hard work always seemsto pay off?
I know", Musumeci says, "Working hard is a "must" in our style if you want to propose a valid product. For us success is the possibilities to live away from our contest and play our brutal performance everywhere in the world. Creating relationship with your fans that comes from many different culture of the world by your music i think is the biggest success. Speaking through the primitive languagge creates a particular bond between you and your bestial fans that love like you the brutal contest. Then create this kind of brutal associations is the success for us. Manage it is surely difficult and need a hard work.