1. Could you tell me something about the band's history?
Born in 1997 we grew up in a dull perseverance trying to create today's solid obsolete dimension. In 1998 first demo "Balatonizer" in pure grindecore style. In 2001 became a brutal trio composed by Mario (voice growl/scream), Marco (guitar/drum-programmer), Rodan (bass) and our Drum-machine that satisfied our concept of "vulgar-death-grind"style. At the beginning it was an expedient...but,as time was going on,we founded out our own musical dimension with it. We think now it's a sort of Balatonizer's trademark! In 2002 the demo "Occlused in Ottusity" In 2003 the EP "Reborn in Ignorance" and in July 2004 the full-lenght"Occlused in Ottusity" with the american label Devildollrecors/ThisDarkReign from long Beach California.
2. I like the record's cover very much, great drawings! A bit like a cartoon. Who's idea was it?
Our guitar/drum programmator Marco is a professional comics drawner and we like the idea to show our concept in this way.
3. Your band's style is not very popular these days. Where is death metal going nowadays, is it going to be as strong as it used to?
It was and it will increase forever...this is a heart attitude and not a trendy. Our scene had bands that play from 15 years and it's difficult to find it in other trendy musical way.
4. Let's talk about the record. Are you satisfied with the outcome?
Yes.We worked hard for many years to create this brutal product.We had try to do the best in every ways from the record, mix, mastering session to the artwork and we are satisfied about it.
5. What are the feedbacks?
Here the response is wonderful.About review we have just begin to do it in many parts of the world and the first response are very cool!
6. The record sounds very good! Where did you record it?
I'm a sound engineer. We recorded in a home studio of our friend Claudio and after that we mix and mastering it at my Inebetit studio.
7. I don't know the style very much but if I wanted to compare it to something, Brutal Truth and Slayer comes to mind. What do you think?
Cool! You are in the right way!
8. I dont want to criticise you, but very hard to understand the lyrics. Is it important for you?
We haven't texts. The only semblance of message that we wont to transmitt it's totally expressed in the comic artwork,drawned by our guitarist/drum-programming Marco,inside the cd. What we wont to comunicate with our project it's only brutality at the wild state. We use a Neanthertal languagge addressed to the reducted cerebral cosciencial state of our public that, during the listening of our cd,fall in a cataleptic state and expresses itself using the most primordial itellectual capabilities. It's only in that phase that the most primitive and brutal human expression comes out in it's marvellous spontanety. This is what we like to transmitt. Our listeners are free to understand the message they like more.
9. You're hooked to a US label that's main stream is doom and stoner. How did you find them? How's the connection with them?
We send a lot of promo and John from This Dark Reign propose us a deal.
10. Are you playing somewhere in the summer? Festivals? Maybe a tour?
I hope! Our label is a little label and than we haven't a big promotion. But we hope the situation will improve.
11. Your name is quite similar as our biggest Hungarian lake, Balaton. Where does it come from?
Yes i've notice it too. Will be wonderful play a live in the proximity of your lake Balaton! Ahahaha In sicilian dialect "Balatuni" means a big rock and Balatonizer has a good listening.
12. Last is my usual question: do you know any Hungarian bands? Heve you ever been here?
I never was in Hungaria. Will be cool!No i don't know any bands.

Thanks for your answer, good luck