1. Usually when a band has 33 tracks on a CD, I am hesitatant, because I don't usually like grindcore. Bit when I listened to your CD, I wanted to start a mosh pit in my bedroom. You have actual songs, not just 30 second blasts of noise. Can you tell the readers a little bit about BALATONIZER please?
We born in 1997. At the beginning we was 5 elements(two vox,guitar,bass and the drummer). In 1998 the first demo”Balatonizer” in pure napalm style.In 1999 we become a brutal trio (one vox, guitar, bass and the drum machine). At the beginning it was an expedient but now is a sort of trade mark for us. In 2000 the second demo ”Occlused in Ottusity” with 10 tracks. After that an Ep ”Reborn in Ignorance” and in 2003 the first full-lenght” Occlused in Ottusity”with the californian label Devil Doll/This Dark Reign records.
2. Grind core is everywhere of course, but I am pretty sure you are the first such band from Italy that I have heard. How is the metal scene in Italy?
Here the scene is relegated to a sterile underground scene than it’s difficult for many great italian grind/death/brutal bands to come out from this shit situation. But i hope that will improve in a better situation in the future.
3. Your CD has some cool comic book style stuff in the CD insert, drawn by Marco (guitars/drum programming). Can you tell me a little about the lyrics in your songs?
We haven’t lyric. You can understand what you wont from our sound. What we wont to comunicate is only a primordial istinct of bestiality and irony that for us is the best mix!
4. Has BALATONIZER ever played live?
Yes. We plaied live for many years but only in Italy. I hope to come in USA early.
5. Do you think you will ever use a regular drummer rather than a drum machine?
We are satisfied with the drum machine it is our trade mark. Here is impossible to find a drummer so fast. If Laureano call us than we will change idea! ahahaha...
6. When you listed bands that were influential to you, I saw that I love almost every band you listed. SUFFOCATION, for example, is one of my favorite bands. Have there been any releases in 2005 that you especially liked?
“Demigod” Behemoth from Poland.
7. Here in the U.S.A, it seems horror movies are making a comeback. Have there been any horror movies that have came out recently that you liked?
How you surely know, here we have many great old directors of horror movies: Bava,Fulci,Dario Argento and many others...We love this directors. About new films i like “28 Days After” I don’t know if in Usa is the same title.
8. What do the members of BALATONIZER do when not playing and writing brutal grind?
9. Would you talk a little about the video for "Muscular Prevarication", such as where you filmed it and things like that?
We have done it in our box. We have done everything alone than it’s not so professional but we like in this way. We had inspiration from ”Sentenced to Burn” Cannibal Corpse.
10. I hope "Occlused In Ottusity" is successful for you, what's next for BALATONIZER?
Thanks for your support brother! In April a new full-lenght will come out. Stay brutal!