1. Hi Mario. Can you explain to us in short the history, discography of the band. (What does "Occlused in Ottusity" mean?) ,and what "Balatonizer"meens?
Bravo Danilo,we born in 1997;the band was composed of five elements, two voices, guitar, bass and drummer. After 3 years with drummer, we changed our line up with a reclutation of a drum machine and only a vox.At the beginning it was an expedient but now it is our trade mark. In 1998 the first demo "Balatonizer" in full napalm style.After that, we became a brutal trio with drum machine,in 1999 another demo with 10 tracks"Occlused in Ottusity", in 2001 the ep" Reborn in Ignorance" and in 2004 the first full-lenght" Occlused in Ottusity" composed of 32 explosives tracks.
2. Which are your inspirations and topics in that album?
Our inspirations are the ignorant figures,living in our land,that push us to create a subanimal product that only beasts like us may understand and appreciate. How you can notice we haven't texts,the only semblance of message that we wont to transmit is drawned in our booklet with a comics that show us in a cool situation in which we destroy everything that is insignificant for us.
3. I have also received an interesting video for the song "Muscular Prevarication". Can you explan what the song is about?
Only an idiot video with a grotesque approch.
4. How would you estimate Italian gore/grind scene nowdays?
We didn't know nothing about our italian scene...May be there are many cool bands.
5. Does Balatonizer have many concerts and are you planning any visits to neirby countries?
Not many concerts out of our land.Here the scene is relegated to a little underground way and than is so difficult to move for long live but i hope that the situation will improve.
6. What bands influenced you the most?
About musical influences we spent many years listening to the extreme music way; our favourite listen are Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Disgorge, Anal Cunt, etc... but will be very reductive make a so short list. There are many other bands that influenced our long trip in the brutal attitude.
7. Since you originally come from Serbia, do you know anything about Serbian metal scene?
No.But i think that serbian attitude for this music is very diffuse in your country, and will be wonderful in the future coming to visit that cool land in tour.
8. What will Balatonizer be doing in near future?
At the beginning of the next year we will begin to record our new full lenght and i think in april it will be ready.
9. What is your message to Serbian grind fans?
Thanks to you Danilo for your support and stay brutal to every serbian fans that i hope to meet quickly!