1. It’s quite unusual – an italian grind band. How did you get to play grind? Have you played something else before, maybe in other bands? Please tell us shortly something about your musical background!
There are many bands here in Italy that play grind and death but,you know,our land is not famous for this kind of music's attitude.We had play grind and death from the beginning of '90.We have also other death and alternative bands but Balatonizer is our essence.We spent many years listening death,grind,black,crust...there are many bands that involves us to play when we was adolescent,Napalm death,Cannibal corpse,Pestilence,Morbid Angel,Carcass...etc...
2. Balatonizer – also quite unusual. How did you found the name?
"Balatuni" in sicilian dialect mean big stone,Balatonizer has a good listen for our ears.
3. Are you looking for a drummer or will you keep using a drumcomputer?
Here is impossible to find a drummer how we want.At the beginning drumcomputer was an expdient but we belive that now it is our trade mark and we are so satisfied in this way.
4. Do you also have other releases?
Yes many ep and mini cd. At the beginning of the next year the new full lenght will come out!
5. „Occlused In Ottusity“ a real hammeralbum! Great interessing grind, which not at all oring. There is always the danger, as you have to fill an album with more than 30 minutes. You always find something new. Technical perfect and also the production is in my oppinion well done. What do you think, if you look back?
Thanks a lot for your words Tino!I think your words are enough.
6. Where have you recorded, mixed and mastered? Who produced the album? How many time did you need?
Here in Palermo I'm a sound engeneer.We have produce it and also the videoclip inside the cd was done here. Two month in studio,we love to be precise and the work need the right time.
7. What are your lyrics about?
Nothing only a neanderthal language adressed to our fun.Ahahah!
8. I think the little comicstrip in the booklet is really cool! Marco (guit./progr.) seems to deal with graphic design or was it just fun? Has the comic a connection with the lyrics?
Our comics express our ironical vein. Yes Marco is a professional drawner of comics.
9. Your label is placed in California. How did you get together with This Dark Reign Recordings? Do you have just a contract for this album?
We send the cd to many labels and John of This Dark Reign belive in our work. Our is a little label and surely will be better in future to sign with other labels but now we are satisfied.
10. Will we have the chance to see you live? As you officially have no drummer, you would have to programm the drums or have to lend one, which shouldn’t be so easy?
We play with our laptop in live and we belive that this is the best way to express,without any fucking mistake,our sound. I hope to come in your land to play our ignorant music early!
11. Thanks a lot for the interview and lots of success! If you like you can greet someone, make some advertising....
Thanks a lot to you and the Aberration staff and readers for your support! Bestiality and irony is the best mix! Ciao!

Interview by Tino